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Leela Electronics is engaged in the development & manufacturing of Ultrasonic Cleaners since 2007

Leela Electronics ( Leela Sonic ) is engaged in the development & manufacturing of Ultrasonic Cleaners since 2007 & having 12 years of experience.

Over this period, we have earned a reputation of being the best Developers & Manufacturers of Ultrasonic Cleaner with use of the latest micro controller based technology. We have developed Ultrasonic Cleaner with features of Auto degassing & Sweep Energy For frequency 22Khz, 33 KHz, 40 KHz, & 45Khz.

We are also making custom ultrasonic baths as per customers needs. Size of Ultrasonic Tank / Ultrasonic Bath is as per your component size & available space. We also take project for multi stage Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment / Machine. We firmly believe that product design conforming to international standards coupled with world-class manufacturing processes results into better quality & reliable Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments. This leads to improved productivity & optimum utilization of resources bringing in better profitability for customers & hence customer satisfaction.


Ultrasonic Cleaning Application

Aircraft maintenance machine parts , filter cleaning Hospital surgical instrument cleaners
Automobile engine parts fuel injector break chain Optical components
Anything that is honed, lapped, buffed, or polished (ceramic, glass, metals) Molds cleaning
Automobile engine parts fuel injector break chain Medical orthopedic implants
Ball Bearings cleaning Wire drawing dies
Electronics SMD & throw hole type PBC Stencil maintenance
Laboratory Glassware, Pipette cleaning SS , brass , metal parts cleaning
Jewelry cleaning (new manufacture) Electro plating industries
Lenses, ophthalmic , specs ckeaning Marine SS wire mesh filter
Maintenance - cleaning of electronic PCB assemblies Laboratory sonication degassing
Maintenance - cleaning mechanical assemblies , Engine parts , Filters Ultrasonic sonicator bath with chiller in pharma QC lab